Cleanse FAQs

What are the benefits of bone broth?

Benefits of broth are vast. A time tested tonic, bone broth is a super food for the immune system, soothes an irritated or tired gut, calms inflammation in the body, provides a plethora of amino acids, nutrients & more! To find out more, check our what our friend Dr. Sarah Ballantyne has to say about our favorite healing food. 


Benefits of a cleanse?

Every single one of us benefits from taking a break from our normal eating routines, even if they are healthy! When we provide our bodies with anti-inflammatory, nutrient rich foods, healing truly happens on a cellular level. Our cells produce ATP more efficiently, get rid of debris and toxins more effectively & general inflammation is reduced. 

One of my favorite parts about our cleanse is that everything is 100% organically grown. Believe it or not, herbacides and pesticides do a doozy to our health, so taking a break from them can have profound implications. 

When can I pick up a cleanse kit?

Right now our cleanse kits are only available during our group run cleanses since we make everything fresh to order. Be sure to join our email list to get up-to-date cleanse info.

What if I'm vegan or have special dietary needs?

Simply let us know and we will sub out the bone broth for our vegan mineral broth! Please feel free to email us if there are any specific dietary requests, we can often customize the cleanse provided we have enough time. 

Can I freeze my kit & start later?

All our soups, juices & broths are made fresh for the cleanse, so they are not specifically intended to be frozen. If you would like this option, we are happy to jar everything in freezer safe jars. We need to know this ahead of time, so please feel free to reach out and email us!