Cleanse Details

Our 5-day cleanse boosts health and initiates healing through the removal of inflammatory & processed foods that all too often feed dysbiotic (less than desirable) gut flora, irritate the lining of the intestines, & fuel inflammation throughout the whole body. By replacing difficult-to-process foods with our nutrient-dense, gut-soothing soups and bone broths, you foster the growth beneficial bacteria, calm inflammation, soothe joint pain, enhance detoxification, & more.
Ideal for anyone experiencing digestive irritation, looking to push the reset button, or even those looking to begin a longer elimination protocol to finally get to the bottom of those lingering health concerns.
  • Clean up diet
  • Reset metabolism
  • Sleep better
  • Clear up toxicity
  • Reduce stress
  • Heal your gut
  • Improve brain fog

What's in a Kit?

The day before the cleanse begins you will receive a kit with everything you will need for the next 5 days, which includes:
  • 2, 16 of soup per day
  • 1, 16 jar of morning per day
  • 20 of broth per day
  • Detailed resource with daily instructions
  • Access to private group
  • Daily support & educational videos from our holistic nutritionist
  • Detox supportive supplements for all 5 days
FREE PICKUP from our location in downtown Oakland
Paid Delivery
$15 delivery fee for East Bay
$20 delivery fee for /Marin
**Once you purchase your cleanse we will coordinate this with you within 48 hours. If you are opting for delivery, please make sure you purchase it below!

Sample Cleanse

Although the premise behind the cleanse always remains the same, we update our cleanse seasonally to reflect natures bounty.
Breakfast: Celery with lemon, ginger & bentonite clay (detoxifying) + cup of immunity chicken bone broth
Lunch: Squash and carrot soup with turmeric (anti-inflammatory) & spices
Snack: Cup of bone beef broth
Dinner: Deeply nourishing greens soup with nettle leaf (full of nutrients), burdock (detoxification aid) & slippery elm (healthy digestion)
**You will get to select two of our broth choices. Click the button below:

Community First

We reserve two spots each cleanse for lower income folks. It's a pay-what-you-can kinda deal. We believe wellness is for every body! Email us at to apply.

Cleanse Packages

 Traditional Cleanse Custom Cleanse
Everything described above!
5-day $285
(Tax Included)
Basic Cleanse + 1 Hour Holistic Nutrition Consult to tailor cleanse to your needs
  • 30 before the cleanse
  • 15 during cleanse Q&A
  • 15 minute post check-in
5-day $385