The Abrothacary



The Abrothacary is  committed to providing nutrient dense food as a modality for healing.  Our speciality is Herbal Inspired Bone Broths! 

We also offer 5-day nourishing Broth & Soup cleanses. We believe in the importance of a healthy digestive system. Check out the link below to find out more!



Lauren is on a mission to enhance the lives of others through the healing power of food, particularly bone broth! We believe in the power of food to heal rather than hinder. We acknowledge and cherish the innate healing capacity of the body when it receives true and wholesome nourishment.

We are passionate about clean, sustainable, & locally raised food. Available locally in  the Bay Area, CA. 


Healing Power of Plants

Not only do we believe in harnessing the potent medicine of slow cooked animal bones, we are also completely head over heals in love with plants (and we're not just talking any ol' kale here...). 

Each of our broths features a combination of medicinal mushrooms, roots and barks. 

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